Jinhua SunMaster Solar Lighting Co.,Ltd.

SunMaster’s Solar parking lots are a cost effective solution to brightness for the parking lots. The solar powered parking lot lighting system comes complete with a self-sufficient  solar energy  to run the light fixture as per the requirements set by the customer. It’s totally off grid and require no trenching.

SunMaster specialists in-depth knowledge and experience in lighting enable us to provide technical support to lighting designers at the very early stages of the work.

SUNMASTER consider all factors when designing a solar lighting system:
Solar Duration: We use NASA data to calculate average and minimum solar radiation
Latitude: We design the solar panel tilt to capture the maximum amount of energy
Season Variation: We make adjustments for seasonal differences, so our lights will work during the stormy winters as well as balmy summers
Weather: Our lights are designed to work through rain, snow, fog, and cloudy weather
Dust: We have a special design to ensure our lights are dust resistant and minimize maintenance costs in dusty areas
Wind Speed: We design the foundations and poles to withstand hurricanes
Temperature:Our lights are designed to operate from -30 to 60 degrees
Humidity: We use waterproof controller, connector and underground battery box to ensure our lights operate even in the most humid conditions